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ARYAX FOOTBALL ACADEMY is a complete residential and non-residential football Coaching academy located in Pathanpur ,Belghoria ,Kolkata. Our vision is to provide a elite Football coaching for talented youth players in the greater in a way that develops and enhances Their skills and passion for the beautiful game . ARYAX FOOTBALL ACADEMY’S effort is to Ensure that further down the line this skill and enthusiasm translates into success for them Both on and off the field…

Aryax Football Academy Theory Class

  • ARYAX FOOTBALL ACADEMY aims to educate its players regarding the game & its new rules & regulations over the course of time.
  • We demonstrate to our players the practice sessions ,the coaches schedule for them on the field so that they don’t fall out of place while executing them.
  • Our theory classes also include tactical decisions and creating awareness amongst our players regarding the modern game.
  • During our theory class our coaches tell each player what is demanded of them for their improved performance level.
  • Our coaches also take time to know the problems of each and every player personally so that they don’t fall out of place.
  • AFA aims to use theory classes as a tool to know each players abilities and their football IQ. Match analysis programs are held on a regular basis so that the players can identify their own mistakes with their own eyes.
  • Last but not the least it also increases the communication among our academy players and creates a strong bond in the team

Aryax Football Academy GYM Session

Staying in top shape is a very important part of the life of a professional footballer, as it is with athlets. Therefore our physical conditioning and strengthening programme is designed around football oriented tasks. The gym programme is designed by our top level football coaches and fitness experts and is aimed at getting each individual match-fit as quickly as possible. We have top quality cardio, free weight, and strength training eqipments at the gym. We are very much focused on providing our players the best facilities which shall help them to get a professional body shape like the other best players in India. It also help them to retaining their physic and fitness.


These sessions are very important as they allow your body to rest and recover.
This is a guide & suitable for the day after a conditioning session or match , providing there are no injuries.
An ice bath will definitely get rid of aches and pains in the short term. Aim for 10 minutes at 10 degrees.
If later on the day you still feel stiff, a warm bath or shower , following by Some gentle stretching will help.
Other sessions that will help are swimming , walking or “running” in water (pool or sea),cycling etc.
Remember also that diet on a recovery day is important . If you feel very tired & jaded , you may need to replenish your energy stores and meals with high carbohydrate content are important,for example pasta, cereals, fruits etc .

AFA motive

Our motive is to become the supply line of players all over india..
We target to provide players modern day training schedule and programmes
2nd division I league, Cfl premier A & Cfl premier B clubs, u16 i league, u18 i league, santosh trophy

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