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To assist you in finding out all your need to know about the Aryax Football Academy some of the commonly asked questions are shown below. If the information you need is not available then please contact us to find out more.

Monthly progress reports regarding the football training will be sent to the parents via email. The academy reports will be sent according to the curriculum. The parents can get in touch with the administrative officer, warden or the head coach directly in case of any emergency over phone/email.

Yes. The player have to go through medical examination and also provide a birth certificate.

Trail date and venue shall be informed well in advance over the registered mobile numbers.

Selected players shall be offered admission to the academy and shall be required to complete related admission formalities.

We are a professional academy to make players dream come true and make them a professional football player. That’s why we have limited seats only-20 to make a professional squad. No more players will accepted when the seats become full. We will contact the new registered players when we will release a player and his seat will available.

Owing to disciplinary action, The academy management after providing reasonable opportunity of correction may expel a player without any refund what so ever. The academy will follows no-refund policy. No claim of refund is entertained in any circumstances.

Players are required to come in trail ready condition for selection and should bring their proper footwear, joursey, shin-pads, if goalkeeper then gloves and a water bottle. However the food and water shall be provided during trails.

Registration for trail is accepted online only at the academy website

No. Fees is applicable only upon admission.

Disciplined and sincere boys willing to learn and play football in a professional way and they can give trails for admission to the residential or non-residential program of the academy.

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